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Intentional Offertory Initiative

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We are in the crucial phase of our offertory program. We are absolutely counting on you for your generosity. You can always make a one-time or recurring donation by texting OLOTS to (883) 245-8463 or online at Give /Donate.

Estamos en la fase crucial de nuestro programa de ofrendas. Contamos absolutamente con usted por su generosidad. Siempre puede hacer una donación única o recurrente enviando un mensaje de texto con OLOTS al (883) 245-8463 o en línea en Give /Donate.

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Thank you for your generosity!

After reviewing the suggested giving scale and praying about my response,

I understand this is not a legally binding contract.


Snows was so welcoming to me and my family. That is why I love what I do here. Being here is my way of giving back.

Ron Koziel

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