Inspiring Stories

By Anonymous

I had a long history of heavy smoking. I had tried every available method in the market to quit smoking. My efforts only had some temporary success. I always went back to smoke.   My doctor had told me many times to put my heart into it. I could never do it.

I later realized I couldn’t do it by myself, I needed God’s help. I was trying to get this taken care of on my own. I was coming to church every week, but I never asked for God’s help to overcome this addiction.

I came to Our Lady of the Snows one Saturday and I asked to speak with a priest. He took me to the parking lot and we started to talk about my addiction. After a while he asked me: “Do you believe in God, in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?”   “Of course,” I said. Then he said: “In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, I command you to quit smoking!”   He gave me a blessing and I went back home.

Three days later I no longer had the desire to smoke again. Praise the Lord!


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